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Overview: Mushroom Hunting Tours

Mushroom hunting success! Tour-goers with chantarelle mushrooms

Porcini, hooray!

Mushroom hunting success! Tour-goer with a shrimp mushroom

A shrimp mushroom find

Mushroom hunting success! Tour-goers with chantarelle mushrooms

Porcini, hooray!

Terra Fleurs mushroom hunting trips give you the unique opportunity to experience the thrill of foraging for wild mushrooms under the supervision of a knowledgeable guide. We will lead you to special sites where mushrooms grow. Join one of our outings and learn how to safely identify wild edible mushrooms. We conduct seasonal mushroom hunting trips, though the conditions change annually.

We also search for medicinal fungi and special mushrooms used for dying fabric as well as a wide range of edibles. Terra Fleurs mushroom adventures are a great activity for friends and families. We welcome foragers of all ages and can customize your hunting trip to meet your needs. Terra Fleurs mushroom adventures also make a great gift — we have gift certificates.

There are three distinct seasons, spring, fall and winter, each with different group of mushrooms growing during that season. The diagram below shows some of the species we collect and their corresponding seasons. These vary from year to year and weather plays a significant role in mushroom production.

When to go on a mushroom foray depends on if you want a forest experience collecting a variety of wild mushrooms or if you have something more specific in mind. We can schedule a foray almost any time of year except July and August.

The best time of year for mushroom hunting is September through November with a large variety of mushrooms growing then. Chanterelles, fall porcini and masutake are examples of fall mushrooms. Springtime is another productive season May and June for morels and spring porcini. Winter is truffle season for both white and black truffles.

We can customize your foray to suit your needs. If you are searching for a specific mushroom, looking for a general mushroom hunt, have a family with small children or a large group we can plan a mushroom trip for you. We also do photography trips, forays to collect medicinal mushrooms and forays to collect dye mushrooms. So plan your mushroom adventure now to secure your spot.

Mushroom Hunting Success — Morel Mushroom

Morel treasure!

A typical excursion starts around 9:00 am and we return in the late afternoon. Exact meeting times and places are arranged for your convenience. Travel times vary wildly depending on the site location but generally we see round trip travel times of 2 to 4 hours. When we get in the forest we forage for 3 to 4 hours. Guests need to provide their own transportation.

Bring a back pack for snacks and beverages and wear sturdy foot wear and rain gear if it’s wet. We will often be traveling to remote areas where services are limited. We provide, besides guidance to known mushroom habitat, we offer mushroom gathering baskets, knives and two-way radios. Participants may be provided bear bear-bells and repellent when in bear country.

Each guest is required to print and bring with them a signed copies of the release and non-disclosure forms, or I can provide a copy to sign on site.